Product: Hair clip with Australian crystals - white butterfly.  Lovely bridesmaids jewelry!. Price 19 EUR.

Hair clip with Australian crystals - white butterfly. Lovely bridesmaids jewelry!

19 €
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These fabulous metal hair clips are handmade from the finest Austrian Crystals. These clips are well-made and grip the hair robustly, so they won`t break easily. They also make perfect children`s gifts.

Made by Cadari - England

The price is for 1 clip

Measurements: 3x2 cm.
Weight: 6gr.

General jewellery care tips 

Keep it a box. Most jewellery benefits from being kept away from dust and the elements so make sure you keep them in either a jewellery box or small dust bags. Remember to put jewellery or hair accessories on last. Pulling clothes over your head increase the risk of damage to your accessories.

Austrian Crystal care

If your stones are soiled they need to be cleaned by hand in lukewarm water with a few drops of mild detergent or soap. This MUST be PH Neutral. Then rinse the crystals under running water and afterwards dry them with a soft, lint-free cloth to avoid spotting. Avoid using harsh chemicals and do not use window cleaner. If you don`t wear it often, try and remember to remove it from the bag or jewellery box every few months for a light dust off

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