Product: Bohemian crystal chandelier, golden, SUPERSALE (Original price 299.-). Price 199 EUR.

Bohemian crystal chandelier, golden, SUPERSALE (Original price 299.-)

199 €
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Size: Ø11,5x8cm
Wattage: 1x35W

Glass arms and other parts of this elegant chandelier are made of the finest Bohemian crystal glass, richly decorated with the highest quality cut crystal trimmings with high lead content. Gold, silver or antique brass coloured metal parts are provided with a protective layer. 

Elite Bohemia uses hand cut and hand painted crystal for the luxorious chandeliers.

Czech crystal chandeliers are among the best ones on the international market. 

How to tell crystal from glass?

Here are some quick tips on how to distinguish classic crystal from plain glass.

Hold up a glass to the light. If the glass acts as a prism and you see a rainbow you are holding crystal. If not, it is just plain glass. When struck, crystal produces a musical ring. Glass does not. If you wet your finger and run it around the rim of a crystal glass it will also produce a musical tone. Crystal can be worked thinner than glass, so if the rim of a piece is exceptionally thin it's probably crystal. If you compare two glasses of the same size, the crystal glass will be heavier. Glass typically has sharp cuts, while crystal will have clean, rounded cuts.

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